Algomatic Stopper 7"

Stopper 7 " comes with the most innovative push button activation , it comes with the flashing button , customers are curious to push the button and advertising messages are delivered with 100% safety . The 4C Euro scale printed cardboard rigid plate, offers most attractive display graphics images with best brand exposure.

6 cell battery

Stopper 7 "comes with 6 -cell battery C 1800 with 15 times activations. Movie Secord and no power cord is needed for this indicator and battery can also be charged with normal DC power adapter for continuous power supply.

Playback option with options SD memory card

Stopper 7 " has no built-in flash memory because it has a high rate of malware. It comes with removable SD card with quality coverage for protection, customers in various memory sizes in the form of flash memory, which can also be updated at any time, you can choose.

Solutions shelf adjustment assembly

Stopper 7 " comes with mounting options and self -adaptation. At Algomatic, we take into account all the differences and develops unique solutions adjustable and secure mounting system.