Algomatic Shelf Wide 14.9" S149W

POP Shelf Wide 14.9" is designed for customers who are looking for a large frame display for mounting on shelf. It is designed for shelf POP robust with metal box and powder coating, its rack comes with several motion sensors having optional functions which are used to control the output like video / audio and audio / video, which gets enabled only when the human body is detected . It comes with specific remote control, which is used to control the functions of the sensor motion and related functions. .It has integrated HD media player which can be customized to supports 1920 x 1080 Full HD video and provide brighter , sharper and clearer images with better quality.

Innovative SD Storage and Play Back options

Our products are designed with SD storage and playback on POP shelf options, It does not uses the internal flash memory, because it has very high stoppage rate. Here we use changeable SD card with high-quality coverage for protection, so that different SD card can easily be used with different capacities for data storage .

Automatic USB management

It simply gets connected with a USB thumb drive, the media files on the device can be easily updated automatically, so users can easily manage data as per its requirements.

Innovative Auto Loop and Play back options

POP shelf comes with automatic loop playback innovative options, they are atomically activated when they are connected to a power source. All media files can be easily arranged quickly by remote control or by using the control buttons to play media files in a loop or in sequence or individually .

POP shelf, you can easily posts photos with multiple playback options, such as fade in fade out , extending , horizontal vertical expansion , etc. , and can also display media files , even after various intervals of time set .

Shelf Adjustment and Mounting Solutions

We offer pop shelf solutions with mounting options and self -adaptation. Here at Algomatic take we do our best to develop interesting solutions with adjustable and secure mounting system.