Algomatic Mini Stopper 4.3"

Mini Stopper 4.3 "comes with 4C printed Euro scale PVC adhesive and UV coating, which is very useful to see the various branded companies and advance flashy graphics makes the ads are ideal.

Innovative activation button

With a flashing button, customers get fascinated to press the button and see the advertising messages that delivered in the best way by Mini Stopper. Mini Stopper comes with more advance optional DC 9 - 12V Power adapter

6 - Cell battery

Mini Stopper 4.3 " comes with the latest 6-cell battery with up to 3 , 360 times activations of a second film 15 , and more surprisingly , no electric cable for this battery indication is required. Customers can use it in any place to ask about your business, without worrying about the power supply.

Innovative playback mode

Mini Stopper 4.3 " comes 2 Selectable playback mode ( M1 , M2 ) of M1 mode, the unit is in standby mode will remain until the button is pressed and advertising video clips or slideshows image is flashing with the key are shown for the one-off SD card . M2 mode, the video clips or advertising image slideshow plays in an endless loop when customers press the button a second group of video or slideshow is activated

Solutions for rapid control button

Mini Stopper 4.3 " comes with a solution with quick control button, it has best speed control buttons on the back that can be easily manipulated with various parameters of colors, contrast, brightness and volume can