Mini Kiosk 10.1"

Here at Algomatic, we offer the best and innovative design for mini kiosk with 10.1 "IPS screen. IPS hard screen technology is the most advanced technology with liquid crystal around the world. IPS is so smooth liquid crystal display with more bright, crisp and cleaner images.

Unique support for full media files

Our mini-kiosk is developed, to support HD media player file, with 1080 p graphics to support Full HD video and provide brighter, sharper and clearer images, which are very attractive and clear. The mini-kiosk is designed with powder-coated high quality metal case with aluminum frame, which is ideal for displaying information about the hotel reception, box store, etc.

Accessibility and Updation of USB

The Media Files can easily be updated automatically with. All one needs is to insert USB drive in the Machine, the Mini Kiosk offers excusive options to Auto Loop Playback Video automatically when Mini Kiosk is connected to the Power Supply and it starts playback of media files, and these files can play and can be adjusted with advanced Remote Control Quick Control.

Innovative Auto Loop and playback options

Mini kiosk comes with the most innovative options and automatic loop playback; they are atomically activated when connected to a power source. All media files can be easily arranged quickly by remote control or by using the control buttons to play media files in a loop or in sequence or individually.

In Mini-Kiosk, the user can easily posts photos with multiple playback options, such as fade in fade out, extending, horizontal vertical expansion, etc., and can also display media files, even after various time intervals adjusted.