Embedded System

Find Endless Possibilities with our fast and efficient embedded solutions…

With the pace of change continuously accelerating, and pressure to do more with less increasing with every passing day, new technologies are emerging faster than ever. In this scenario, the cost and risk of creating high quality embedded systems is a difficult option for startup companies.

Algomatik provides comprehensive, integrated world class Embedded Systems to both Local and International clients, supported by an experienced, competent and reliable team of experts. Our state-of-the-art embedded systems are based on complete research and development approach – with a dedicated team of engineers specifically involved in discovering valuable new products, processes and services.

Following are, some of our Embedded Solutions, which currently serve a variety of businesses from Financial, Telecom and Retail Industries and provide an enduring competitive edge to our existing clients.

Few of our featured solutions include:

  • Drivers for Android, Windows, and Mac OSX Linux based embedded solution
  • Embedded Software solution for Digital TV (e.g.; Java TV, Saga TV)
  • Hardware Integration solution for Smartphones like iPhone, Android and Windows
  • Embedded solutions for POS systems
  • Embedded system solutions for health care devices (like Heart Rate Monitoring and tracking sol)
  • Comprehensive integrated solution for In-flight entertainment system