Algomatic Android Tablets

Algomatik Android Tablets Systems Solutions

Here at Algomatic, we provide solutions for advanced systems, our comprehensive Algomatic Android tablet, appears to consumer tablet, but it has many advanced features that can be used for various purposes like advertising to retail stores, hotels, resorts, establishments education for operation, continuously 24/7.

More innovative feature IPS technology

Here the solutions Algomatic Android tablet system is mainly designed with creative IPS screen. IPS hard screen technology is the most advanced liquid crystal technology, this touch screen technology is considered the latest IPS technology with liquid crystalline reactions with much faster soft fabrics, showing brighter, sharper and clearer images is considered. Our experienced and skilled engineers have developed medium to large size, Algomatic Android tablet system solutions, all with high brightness LED panel with wide viewing angles

Most unique advanced RK3066 dual core processor

Algomatic Android tablet are equipped with the most advanced features and RK3066 dual core processor with Cortex A9 chipset with peak frequency of 1.6 GHz that supports the latest package with optimized ARM processor. In Algomatic Android tablet applications do begin immediately and it has 1 GB ( 2 GB optional ) DDR3 dual channel memory.

Multi -Touch best quality tempered Glass

We have developed system solutions for Algomatic Android tablet in small and medium -sizes which highly modern and stylish , and they are shown with capacitive multi -touch panel. The capacitive touch panel is made of tempered glass without risk, and is presented with glass -Decker process using the latest laser sculpture. The responses of the multi-touch panel are quick and they can be accurately designed without dead corners, interact to facilitate consumers to easily use the application and provides the best user experience . Our system of large format Algomatic Android tablet solutions are presented with IR multi touch panel, with touch capabilities detection more accurate and consistent features. The touch panel consists of a touch frame which is installed on the front panel and a circuit board , a series of IR - contains LEDs and photo transistors that are integrated behind the front panel .

More advanced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS

Algomatic Android tablet comes with Android 4.1.1 system solutions with advanced operating system; the new processor architecture is more modern dual-core processor and is very useful to improve the performance of hardware. Algomatic Android tablet comes with dual-core Android 4.1.1 OS, the in pages opens very fast. Our solutions designed Algomatic Android tablet systems can be easily used to run the latest Android application that can be downloaded from the Android App Store.

Attractive design with stylish looks

Our project Algomatic Android tablet solutions comes with cases of high quality ABS injection with partial rubber, which are designed for improved scratch resistance . Our medium and large-sized Algomatic Android tablet solutions come with powder-coated high quality metal case designed with aluminum edge that makes it very attractive design with a sleek exterior.