Email Marketing

Sending a personalized email to customers helps to increase response rates and build customer loyalty…

Email Marketing is the most effective way to reach and retain customers by sending e-mail messages and newsletters. The basic purpose of this kind of marketing is to acquire new customers or convince customers who have already ordered from your web store to make another purchase. Designing a well-crafted email marketing campaign lets you announce a new launch, promote seasonal offerings or invite customers on a webinar.

Algomatiks Effective Email Marketing Solutions offer you the flexibility to work with a traditional email service or custom-built solution. You can maximize your email campaign results with guidance from our creative and strategy experts. Also, with Algomatiks email marketing solution, you will have complete control of your campaign at reduced charges with guaranteed improved ROI for your business. Our email marketing campaign includes following steps:

• Comprehensive Management of Campaign

Our Email Marketing Campaigns are designed on fully optimized planning and strategy to achieve required results. Emails are forwarded based on comprehensive email sampling with testing to maximize results.

• Comprehensive Management of Data

We manage email campaigns based of specified data. Data Management is used for managing customized email marketing campaigns through progressive approach.

• Comprehensive Email Testing services

We offer comprehensive email testing services in which emails are customized and forwarded as per proposed customer behavior and location.

• Comprehensive Controlled Reporting

We offer comprehensive email reporting services to our privilege clients, with accurate tracking of customer response.